Mu Kappa Tau members are invited to participate in a photo contest featuring Mu Kappa Tau graduation regalia for chances to win $20 Amazon gift cards and MKT hooded sweatshirts!  MKT members should email headquarters and/or post on Facebook photos wearing their MKT graduation gear (stoles, medallions, honor cords) to be entered in this contest.  Winners will be randomly drawn from participants and prizes will be awarded this summer.


Competition summary

Mu Kappa Tau members are invited to send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. their photos from graduation wearing MKT regalia or post on the Mu Kappa Tau Facebook page:

Participants will be drawn randomly for a chance to win a $20 Amazon gift card or MKT hoodie.


Submission Guidelines

·        Posts must be submitted by a Mu Kappa Tau member and should include their name and university.

·        Submissions should include a photo of the graduating MKT member in graduation regalia, including one or more of the following: MKT medallion, MKT honor cord, or MKT graduation stole.

   Members are encouraged to be creative and original, but each participating member will only be entered to win once—even if they post multiple photos.

·        Posts should be created on Facebook or emailed directly to Headquarters.



Submission Rules

In order to win, the randomly drawn submission must adhere to the following:

·        Submissions must adhere to all aforementioned guidelines.

·        Submissions must be appropriate and any photos or content deemed "inappropriate" will be ineligible to win and removed from the MKT Facebook page.

·        Contestants must be members of Mu Kappa Tau, and in good standing with nationals and his/her local chapter.

·        A contestant may post multiple photos, but will only be entered to win once. 

·        Winners will be chosen at random.  If the randomly selected entry does not meet all submission requirements, the random selection process will be repeated.

·        Participation in the contest grants MKT non-exclusive rights to share and publish content on social media or on the Mu Kappa Tau website.




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