Mu Kappa Tau encourages and recognizes outstanding academic excellence in the field of Marketing.  There are three academic scholarships available to undergraduate Mu Kappa Tau members each ranging in amount from $500-$1500.  To apply for all of these scholarships, please follow the link below and fill out one general scholarship application on "Smarter Select".


***All applications must be submitted by midnight (CST) on Sunday, May 12, 2019!


General Scholarship Requirements

•  All Candidates must be members of Mu Kappa Tau.

•  All Candidates must have been enrolled as a college undergraduate during the 2018-2019 academic year (this includes those who graduated in December).


Application Procedures

The candidate must fill out an online application, available at MKT Scholarships Undergrad Application


The candidate must prepare an essay stating why they feel they are worthy of receiving an MKT scholarship.  This essay must explain his/her qualifications, including the following data:


•  School-related activities and accomplishments
•  Community related activities and accomplishments
•  Work history and accomplishments
•  Education/career goals
•  Sources of education financing
•  Other pertinent data


•  Essay must be at least 2 pages in length with a maximum of 4 pages
•  12 point Times New Roman font
•  1” margins all around
•  Double spaced
•  Document must be uploaded in .pdf format when completing application 


The candidate is required to submit one letter of recommendation/support.  The letter is restricted to one page in length and in .pdf format.  The letter must be uploaded when completing application.


The candidate must submit copies of transcripts from all educational institutions attended to date.  The transcripts must be uploaded in .pdf format when completing the application.  Certified transcripts are not required.



Currently, UPS sponsors a $500-$750 scholarship that is specifically for MKT members who are pursuing their master's degree or PhD!


Graduate/PhD Student Scholarship Requirements

•  All candidates must be members of Mu Kappa Tau.

•  All candidates must currently be graduate or PhD students.

•  *Candidates enrolled in graduate school for the upcoming term are also eligible to apply.



1.  Candidates should fill out an online application, available at  MKT Graduate/PhD Student Scholarship Application 

2.  Candidates should upload a cover letter in .pdf format highlighting research, teaching, and service activities. 

3.  Candidates should upload a Curriculum Vitae (CV) in .pdf format detailing their academic and research experiences. 


Submissions should follow these guidelines: 

•  12 point Times New Roman font 
•  1” margins all around 
•  Documents must be uploaded in .pdf format when completing application 



***In addition, there is a $1000 scholarship available to Mu Kappa Tau members who are also members of Pi Sigma Epsilon.  The application requirements for this scholarship are different than the ones listed above, so please follow this link for instructions:  MKT/PSE Member Scholarship Application



Evaluations of Applications

The Mu Kappa Tau Scholarship Committee performs the scholarship application evaluations.  These are merit-based scholarships and are awarded based on student's academic abilities, school and community service accomplishments, and other activities.  If more than one student is deemed worthy of one of the scholarships, a need-based evaluation will be done.


If you have any questions, please contact Gabrielle Williams, MKT Manager, at 414-328-1952 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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