G.M. Naidu Scholarship - $500


Dr. G.M. Naidu served as a Professor of Marketing at the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater beginning in 1969.  Professor Naidu's career was distinguished in a number of ways including serving as the national Executive Vice President and then President of Mu Kappa Tau.


Professor Naidu retired from teaching in 2004, but he continues to be an active researcher and consultant, just as he has for his entire career.  His energy, enthusiasm, and high standards are examples for the many students and faculty he mentored during his career.






Mu Kappa Tau Scholarship - $1500


Sponsored by Mu Kappa Tau. This scholarship encourages and recognizes outstanding academic excellence in the field of Marketing.







Pi Sigma Epsilon/Mu Kappa Tau Scholarship - $1000


Sponsored by the PSE National Educational Foundation to recognize the outstanding academic achievements of members of Mu Kappa Tau and Pi Sigma Epsilon.







UPS Sponsored Scholarships - $500-$750 each


UPS is sponsoring TWO scholarships for Mu Kappa Tau members!  One scholarship is a general one for all MKT members and the other is specifically for MKT members who are graduate or doctoral students pursuing their master's degree or PhD! 

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